There’s a New Pizza Place in Town.

Hey guys, there’s a new pizza place in town and it doesn’t disappoint. Genuine Pizza in Aventura Mall in now open in the new expansion of the mall. So after a long day of shopping you can now head over and have some delicious and healthy pizza.


Pictured above is the seasonal pizza which has caramelized onions, Brussels sprouts and layers of shaved calabaza (pumpkin), gruyère and fontina cheeses. It was so delicious!


Next pizza my girls and I tried was this delicious Mushroom Pizza which has porcini, cremini, taleggio, fontina, and thyme. If you love Mushrooms then this is the pizza for you.


Of course, no meals is complete without a nice Salad. Pictured about is the Kale Salad with roasted beets, onion, goat cheese, sunflower seed dressing, and dill.

So there you have it guys, some delicious pizza and other yummy items on the menu at Genuine Pizza in Aventura Mall. Enjoy!