25 Free Date Ideas

As a newlywed, my husband and I are always on the hunt for fun things to do that doesn’t involve spending money. We love spending time together and doing adventurous things but at the same time we are saving up for the future (buying a house). Therefore, we are always on the hunt for fun FREE things to do. Thankfully, living in South Florida we can do outdoor activities year round which we love.

So I’ve made a list of 25 Things to do with your spouse that doesn’t involve spending money. Things that we have actually done and have had a blast!

1- Go for a walk- hold hands and enjoy the sights
2- Find a free yoga class (online, at the beach or park)
3- Go Hiking
4- Bake something together
5- Movie night at home
6- Play a board game
7- Play online games together
8- Make dinner together
9- Give each other a foot massage
10- Star gaze together
11- Visit a farmer’s market
12- Draw each other’s portrait
13- Go to the beach
14- Go to a local free movie
15- Give each other a back massage
16- Volunteer
17- Visit a museum on its free night
18- Get lost on purpose
19- Make a relationship capsule
20- Have a Spa day at home
21- Build a blanket fort
22- Plan a future vacation
23- Have a picnic in the backyard with candles
24- Go on a bike ride
25- Read a book together





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